Sign up for a free Appjangle account and receive 1000 nodes free storage in the cloud.

Leave the pain of persistence and synchronization behind and lift your apps into the sky.

Join Appjangle and enjoy ...

Private nodes for your application.

Using the seed operation everyone and their brother can store nodes on the Appjangle cloud. However, all thus created nodes are public. Signing up will give you an API key for creating private nodes.

Unlock features in Appjangle applications.

An application account allows accessing additional features in many Appjangle-powered applications. Some of these include: textsync, nodejump, and web time reporter.

Please note ...

Beta, beta, beta.

We are working very hard to make Appjangle the fastest, most stable and most convienent platform to synchronize data between cross-platform apps. However, we are still in beta so you might encounter the occasional glitch or rough edge here and there. Please don't hesitate to contact us in case of any problems and we'll do our best to resolve all issues swiftly.

No unlimited storage.

Running servers in the cloud doesn't come for free! Thus, we can provide only a limited amount of storage for free (currently approx. 1000 nodes per API key). There is no option as of yet to pay for extra storage but drop us a message if you need extra space right now and there is a good chance we'll be sympathetic

Picture credits: rocketship